Pre-Packaged Kits:


High Impact Crusher Backing

Ideal for epoxy grout applications

A heavy-duty epoxy resin with impressive strength, HICB helps secure internal parts to minimise vibration, friction and impact during equipment operation.


Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding compressive and tensile strengths.
  • Very low shrinkage.
  • Economical
  • Pourable
  • 100% solids.
  • Two-part solution.

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Ideal Uses

Grouting Machinery

Rock Crusher Backing Compound

Chocking Machinery

Base Plate Grouting

Rail Grouting

How to use

How to Use

Megapoxy HICB is a high-impact crusher backing and grout for industrial machinery.

It is a low-viscosity epoxy resin available in conveniently, pre-packaged 10 kg kits in the correct mix ratio.

It has a 30-minute work time and a 24-hour cure time at 25ºC.

Surface Preparation

Before you begin mixing, you need to ensure that all contact surfaces like metal, concrete and stone are clean and clear of oil, dust and any other surface contaminants.

Blast, grind and sand off any previous backing or grout. Wipe surfaces with acetone, xylene or methylated spirits to ensure they are clean and clear of oil, dust and contaminant-free. This helps ensure effective bonding contact. Compressed air can be used to remove dust from cracks and machinery.

Safety and PPE

Megapoxy HICB is VOC-free. As with all epoxy resins, please wear appropriate PPE, including eyewear gloves and clothing.


IMPORTANT. Only make a suitable quantity that can be used within the 30-minute work time!

Additional batches can be mixed after the previous is mixed and applied, even as it cure.

The recommended mixing time for Megapoxy HICB is 3 minutes. Mix first for 2 minutes, before scraping the sides and then mix for another one minute until the product is completely uniform in colour.

Place the Part A tin on a flat and steady surface. Secure it with sandbags and open the lid. Pour in the full contents of the Part B into Part A tin. Part B is blue to help ensure thorough and even mixing.

Set a timer for 2 minutes. Place the mechanical mixing head into the Part A tin – right to the base, then begin slowly mixing (no more than 200 RPM) so as not to drag air into the product.

Avoid any up-down or vigorous movements and make sure that you’re rubbing across the bottom of the container and into the corner to gather any un-mixed product.

After 2 minutes, using a flat edge tool, scrape the sides of the container to remove any unmixed product from the sides.

Set a timer for 1 minute and resume mixing until combined. Once the product has been mixed thoroughly, it should be a uniform green colour with no streaks.


Pour the combined HICB into the crusher backing wier as soon as it is fully mixed and before its exothermic reaction begins.

You can begin to mix a second batch once the first has been poured. DO NOT mix multiple batches at the same time. You may not have enough time to pour before they begin their exothermic reaction.

Allow 24 hours to cure before reassembly and operation of the machinery.

Megapoxy HICB is also recommended for grouting machinery; baseplate grouting; chocking machinery; and rail grouting.


Uncured Megapoxy HICB can be cleaned with Megapoxy Thinners.

Please Dispose of contents and container in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations.


Although applying Megapoxy HICB is easy and fast, it will cure stronger than concrete with excellent chemical and impact resistance. It can be machined, sanded and polished to a fine finish.

For further technical information, refer to TDS.

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