Grout & Anchor

Next-level stability and security

Anchor heavy machinery, reduce damaging vibrations, secure components and fill holes. Explore our workable solutions to ensure the stability and safety of load-bearing structures and equipment like bridges, turbines and crushers.

Ideal Uses

  • Grout under bridge-bearing and rail baseplates.
  • Grout under machinery base plates.
  • Fill holes and voids in concrete and under machines.
  • Secure steel reinforcing starters into concrete.
  • Secure steel components into primary structures.
  • Anchor fasteners and threaded rod into concrete and masonry.

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206 Ultra

Heavy Duty Epoxy Grout

Heavy-duty epoxy grout
Ideal for civil engineering applications


  • Solvent free.
  • Excellent flow.
  • High compressive strength & impact resistance.
  • Two-part solution.

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Low Viscosity Hydrophilic Epoxy Resin

Low viscosity hydrophilic epoxy resin
Ideal for civil engineering and stone applications


  • High-strength bonding, anchoring & sealing.
  • VOC free.
  • Safe for potable water applications.
  • Mix with aggregate to create mortar systems.
  • Two-part solution.

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High Impact Crusher Backing

High impact crusher backing
Ideal for epoxy grout applications


  • Outstanding compressive and tensile strengths.
  • Very low shrinkage.
  • Economical
  • Pourable
  • 100% solids.
  • Two-part solution.



Hydrophilic Epoxy Gel Adhesive

Hydrophilic epoxy adhesive gel
Ideal for high-build vertical and overhead applications


  • Hydrophilic: can be used in damp environments.
  • Non-sag for vertical and inclined application.
  • Can be applied in thick films.
  • Suitable to apply by spraying, brushing, knifing and trowelling.
  • Two-part solution.

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