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Construction + Trades

Our solutions are trusted by architects, specifiers, contractors and tradies alike. We talk your language, provide expert support and work fast – so you hit your deadlines.



  • Multipurpose products
  • Highest quality, standards and certification
  • Versatility across stone, metals, concrete, timber and more
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Resistance to weathering, temperature fluctuations and structural movements
  • Huge volumes on demand
  • Advice and tools for product selection
  • Time-saving ease and turnaround
  • Prolong lifespan of new structures
  • Revitalise and repair existing structures
  • Minimise maintenance and repairs
  • Achieve impressive finishes and designs
  • Enjoy lasting value

For industry

From iconic landmarks to family homes, our solutions blend the simplicity, strength, durability and precision your projects demand. Here are just a few examples.

  • Structures, facades and cladding: bond interior elements, exterior panels and cladding.
  • Tiles: adhesives for installing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.
  • Flooring systems: protective coatings for heavy-duty, hygienic, low-maintenance floors.
  • Enduring repairs: deep penetration to repair cracks and restore structural integrity.