Strengthen & Repair

Safer and stronger for longer

Repair cracks and damage, improve structural integrity, and sustain the safety of features, buildings and infrastructure. Prevent the need for complete replacement, with economic and environmental benefits.

Ideal Uses

  • Repair cracks, restoring shape and specified tolerance.
  • Repair tanks and pipes.
  • Patch damage with paste and mortar systems.
  • Fill holes and voids.
  • Prevent corrosion in metal surfaces.
  • Strengthen bridges.
  • Repair metal parts and industrial components.
  • Repair and restore beams, concrete columns & pillars.

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206 Ultra

Heavy Duty Epoxy Grout

Heavy-duty epoxy grout
Ideal for civil engineering applications


  • Solvent free.
  • Excellent flow.
  • High compressive strength & impact resistance.
  • Two-part solution.

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High Strength Epoxy Adhesive Gel

High strength epoxy adhesive gel
Ideal for bonding and filling applications


  • Premium bond strength and durability.
  • Ideal for vertical, angled and overhead work.
  • Exceptional, sustained impact resistance.
  • Withstands harshest conditions.
  • Easily coloured with Megapoxy pigments.
  • Two-part solution.


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Low Viscosity Hydrophilic Epoxy Resin

Low viscosity hydrophilic epoxy resin
Ideal for civil engineering and stone applications


  • High-strength bonding, anchoring & sealing.
  • VOC free.
  • Safe for potable water applications.
  • Mix with aggregate to create mortar systems.
  • Two-part solution.

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Hydrophilic Epoxy Gel Adhesive

Hydrophilic epoxy adhesive gel
Ideal for high-build vertical and overhead applications


  • Hydrophilic: can be used in damp environments.
  • Non-sag for vertical and inclined application.
  • Can be applied in thick films.
  • Suitable to apply by spraying, brushing, knifing and trowelling.
  • Two-part solution.

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Extra Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin

Extra low-viscosity epoxy resin
Ideal for sealing and laminating natural stone


  • Excellent wetting out of substrates.
  • Superior resistance to yellowing.
  • Flows deep into cracks.
  • Reinforces slabs for safer handling.
  • Fortifies stone surfaces for better polishing.
  • Fills and seals porous substrates.
  • Ideal with automated dispensing systems.


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Rapid Set Epoxy Paste Adhesive

Rapid-set epoxy paste adhesive
Ideal for civil engineering applications


  • Fast cure: Sets in 3–5 minutes.
  • Ideal for on-the-spot critical repairs and fixings.
  • Non-sag for vertical, inclined or overhead work.
  • Smooth, workable, easy 1:1 mix ratio.
  • High-strength bonds and chemical resistance.
  • Two-part solution

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Epoxy Paste Adhesive

Epoxy paste adhesive
Ideal for civil engineering applications


  • Suits vertical, inclined or overhead work.
  • Easy 1:1 mixing.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Cures in adverse conditions.
  • General purpose and bonds with most construction materials.
  • Elasticity for temperature variations and seismic movement.
  • Two-part solution.
  • Available as twin self-mixing cartridges.

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