Megapoxy in Asia-Pacific

Our solutions are proven and trusted for a wide range of projects in Asia-Pacific, particularly in mining and high-rise construction.

Heavy-duty protection

Mines across the region rely on Megapoxy, including our High Impact Crusher Backing formulation. With incredible strength and impact resistance, it cushions and protects crushers and grinding mills against the relentless wear and tear of ore processing operations.

Sky-high strength

As construction booms reshape skylines, our solutions are the go-to choice for installing high-rise marble and granite cladding in urban centres. Megapoxy PM ensures secure and durable bonding of these prestigious materials to skyscrapers and commercial buildings, providing striking appeal and structural integrity for the region’s bustling cities.

From mines to mega-skyscrapers

High-rise marble and cladding solutions.

High-rise marble and cladding solutions.

High-strength mining solutions.

High-strength mining solutions.

Formulated for regional conditions.

Formulated for regional conditions.

Asia-Pacific distributors, ready to help.

Asia-Pacific distributors, ready to help.


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Our premium quality solutions help you achieve outstanding results – with efficiency, simplicity and supply chain certainty.

Bond & Secure

High-performance adhesives – for ultimate strength, durability and lifespan.

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Strengthen & Repair

Repair cracks, voids and damage – for sustained structural integrity and safety.

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Grout & Anchor

Stabilise and anchor heavy machinery and structures – from crusher machines to major bridges.

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Coat, Paint & Protect

Create the toughest protective barrier – with gloss and colour when style is essential.

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Create & Craft

Masterpieces made easier – from river tables to earrings and more.

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Distributors in Asia-Pacific

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