Pre-Packaged Kits:


Hydrophilic Epoxy Gel Adhesive

Ideal for high-build vertical and overhead applications

Incredibly strong and versatile, HT can be used vertically, overhead or underwater. Our kits are premetred in correct mixing ratios for maximum convenience and efficiency.


Features & Benefits

  • Hydrophilic: can be used in damp environments.
  • Non-sag for vertical and inclined application.
  • Can be applied in thick films.
  • Suitable to apply by spraying, brushing, knifing and trowelling.
  • Two-part solution.

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Ideal Uses

Overhead Concrete Repairs

Underwater Concrete Repairs

Grouting of Bolts

New to Old Concrete Bonding

Bonding Steel to Concrete

How to use

How to Use

Megapoxy HT is a gel-style, hydrophilic epoxy resin for many types of bonding and filling applications. It is suitable for repairs to damp and wet surfaces and is available in conveniently pre-packaged 4 litre and 20 litre kits with a 3:1 mix ratio.

It has a 30-minute work time and a 24-hour cure at 25ºC.

Surface Preparation

Before you begin mixing, you need to ensure that all contact surfaces like metal, concrete and stone are clean and clear of oil, dust and any other surface contaminants.

Concrete and stone surfaces should be prepared by grinding the surface and removing all the dust and debris. This helps ensure effective bonding contact.

Compressed air can be used to remove dust from cracks and holes, clean metal surfaces with acetone to remove any oils or contaminants.

Safety and PPE

Megapoxy HT is VOC-free. As with all epoxy resins, please wear appropriate PPE, including eyewear gloves and clothing.


IMPORTANT. Only make a suitable quantity that can be used within the 30-minute work time!

Additional batches can be mixed after the previous is mixed and applied, even as it cures.

The recommended mixing time for Megapoxy HT is 3 minutes. Mix first for 2 minutes, before scraping the sides and then mix for another one minute until the product is completely mixed.

Part A is a thick gel, while Part B is a clear liquid. The best way to ensure the correct ratio is to pack Part A into a measuring tub with a spatula, ensuring there are no air pockets and that you are packing the correct amount.

Once packed, place this amount into the mixing tub and repeat as necessary until you have measured out all the Part A you want to mix.

Using another measuring tub of the same size, pour out the correct amount for Part B and add to the mixing container.

Set a timer for 2 minutes.

Begin slowly mixing by placing a flat spatula into the mix (to the base of the tub) and slowly stir. Take care not to splash as you mix. The two parts are still visibly streaky until combined. Ensure you scrape around the base and corners to gather all the un-mixed epoxy and continue to mix.

After 2 minutes scrape any un-mixed product off the sides of the container and the spatula before mixing again for a further one minute (set timer). After the one minute is complete the Megapoxy HT should appear as a streak-free, soft gel that’s ready for use.


Megapoxy HT is recommended for filling and repairs for wet-to-dry and new-to-old concrete bonding; concrete cracks; grouting of bolts; and underwater or splash zone structures and surfaces.

Mixed 1:1 with dry sand, Megapoxy HT is ideal for high built epoxy mortar.

Megapoxy HT will cure even in cold or damp conditions, stronger than concrete with good chemical resistance. It can be applied by trowel or gunned using a standard 300 mm cartridge, a caulking gun or a caterer’s piping bag.

To load the caulking gun, trowel the combined epoxy onto a sheet of A4 paper. Roll up the paper narrow enough to place into the gun cylinder and seal before use.

Surfaces can be smoothed by wetting a clean trowel blade with Megapoxy Thinners and gliding it over the surface. Be sure to re-wet the blade frequently to prevent the epoxy gripping.


Uncured Megapoxy HT can be cleaned with Megapoxy Thinners.

Please Dispose of contents and container in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations.


Once cured, HT has a high compressive strength, but it can be ground sanded and shaped easily with power tools to give a smooth surface finish.

For further technical information, refer to TDS.

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