Captain Cook Cruises: Kitchen Flooring

Project name Captain Cook Cruises: Kitchen Flooring
Client Captain Cook Cruises NSW
Location New South Wales


Back on the high seas: premium kitchen flooring made to last

Client needs + challenges

  • Most hygienic surface for food preparation.
  • Longer-lasting, non-slip flooring for a bustling kitchen.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Movement tolerance for a boat that flexes and moves during cruising.
  • Aesthetics to complement the high-quality brand and experience promised.
  • Fast turnaround to return to business quickly.

Solutions, service + simplicity

We worked with the Captain Cook Cruises team to pinpoint the right solution and minimise downtime during application.  As a well-known and reputable cruise operator, we wanted to ensure they could resume service swiftly.

  • The solution started with removing all existing flooring in the kitchen, followed by cleaning and grinding the steel flooring in preparation for the coating.
  • Megapoxy MC2 was used to coat the steel, sealing and insulating the area. It was selected for its heavy-duty strength, impact resistance and proven performance on commercial and industrial floors.
  • While the coating was still wet, a fine aggregate material was sprinkled evenly across the surface to create a textured finish with anti-slip properties. This reduced the risk of falls while providing additional grip for kitchen staff moving across the surface.
  • Finally, another two coats of Megapoxy MC2 – in stylish Mid Grey – were applied and allow to cure.
  • Megapoxy MC2, combined with aggregate, provided a decorative, hygienic, dust-free, non-slip coating that’s a breeze to clean.

Standout benefits

  • Safer, non-slip flooring for a unique ‘moving’ kitchen.
  • A hygienic, chemical-resistant, food-grade protective barrier for real confidence.
  • Simple maintenance and incredible durability in a busy environment.



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