Gitani Stone – Stone Benchtop

Project name Gitani Stone – Stone Benchtop
Client Gitani Stone
Location New South Wales


Stepping stone to success: bonding exquisitely manufactured marble benchtop

Client needs + challenges

  • Translucent finish for light-coloured marble.
  • Thin film line for mitering work.
  • No ‘picture framing’ along joints.
  • Fast cure time.

Exceptional bond strength and impact resistance.

Solutions, service + simplicity

We are proud to work closely with Gitani Stone, renowned importers and manufacturers of the world’s finest natural stone and fabricators of engineered stone surfaces. Our solutions deliver the premium quality and durability they expect – with the right properties to complement their exquisite finished products.

We recommended Megapoxy 63 for this project: a powerful adhesive gel that provides strong and seamless joins and connections. Especially good for mitre joints, its thin glue line, clear finish and sustained impact resistance made it the perfect choice for this stunning benchtop.

The surfaces of this 3m-long bench were prepared – followed by the simple mix and application of Megabond 63. The adhesive was completely cured in 24 hours, ready for the next stage of manufacturing.

Standout benefits

  • Stunning bench with structural excellence.
  • Ready supply, simple mix ratio and fast curing – for more efficient manufacturing.

Trusted quality and reliability to match reputable industry leaders.



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