Regentville Bridge – M4

Project name Regentville Bridge – M4
Contractor Freyssinet Australia
Project Owner Transport for NSW
Location Killara New South Wales


A bridge to tomorrow: restoring lasting structural integrity for piers

Client needs + challenges

  • Fast, simple solution to get the bridge back in service quickly.
  • Easy-to-handle products for a tricky worksite, including scaffolding on pontoons moored into position.
  • Permanent, high-strength repair to withstand elements and traffic loads.
  • Versatility for vertical, inclined or overhead work.
  • Deep, comprehensive crack filling and sealing.

Solutions, service + simplicity

Freyssinet Autralia specified the Megapoxy crack repair system with confidence – and our team provided support and advice throughout this important project.

  • Injection balloons were glued to the piers (along crack lines) using Megapoxy PM, an epoxy paste adhesive with outstanding strength and robust adhesion.
  • The balloons are designed to facilitate precise placement over cracks – and for the user to easily see and monitor the flow of injecting resin flowing through the balloons and into cracks.
  • Using an injection gun, the balloons were injected with Megapoxy HX – an extra-low viscosity, solvent-free, high-flow liquid resin that penetrates deep into cracks.
  • A specified time after injection, the team simply ground off the injection balloons and any additional product, leaving a smooth surface.

Standout benefits

  • Clear, step-by-step process with visual aids (balloons) and leakage-free connections.
  • An economical and permanent repair system.
  • Deep structural repair and strengthening.
  • Easy-clean, easy-to-use tools for every step.
  • Elasticity for temperature variations & similar movement.

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