Mega breakthroughs in stone joinery, fabrication and repair

21 June 2024

Two products were heralded as “game changers” at the prestigious China Xiamen International Stone Fair held in March.

Megapoxy 63 and Megapoxy HX are helping revolutionise the way professionals design and work with stone, marble and more.

Both innovations made a huge impression on industry leaders and trade professionals at the fair, with performance and features specifically design to enhance the strength and beauty of stone.

Megapoxy 63: the future for stone joinery

Megapoxy 63 is a powerful adhesive gel, providing strong and seamless joins and connections. It delivers the durability that structures need – with the subtlety to let their designs shine.

With a thin glue line, clear finish and sustained impact resistance, it is perfect for applications like marble benchtops – including Gitani Stone’s exquisite custom-made products.

It also delivers exceptional bonding strength, precise application (ideal for mitred joints and bull nosing), and versatility across a wide range of stone materials, including marble and granite.

Megapoxy HX: the benchmark in stone sealing and repair

An extra low-viscosity epoxy resin, Megapoxy HX is renowned for sealing and strengthening natural stone as well as bonding mesh netting.

Incredibly versatile, it forms strong bonds with a wide range of substrates – and is used for everything from reinforcing slabs (for safer handling) to fortifying stone surfaces (for better polishing).

Like all our products, Megapoxy HX combines high performance with on-the-job simplicity.

It provides excellent penetration, sealing and adhesion properties – with an easy-spread consistency for effortless application. Its clarity makes it the “go to” solution for many stone and marble applications, as it dries clear and is highly resistant to yellowing.

Want outstanding performance with time-saving efficiencies? We can help you choose the right solution for your project, schedule and application. Talk to us today or find a distributor in your region.

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