Boat Showroom Floor: Mona Vale

Project name Boat Showroom Floor: Mona Vale
Client Manly Flooring
Location Mona Vale, New South Wales


Plain sailing: Strong, stunning, seamless solution for boat showroom

Client needs + challenges

  • Excellent wear resistance and quick, easy maintenance.
  • A finish that withstands the weight of boats, impact of tyres, frequent movement, and effects of fuel, oil, and chemical spills.
  • A professional, stylish finish that endures – to best showcase the quality of boats.
  • Fast turnaround to get back to business.

Solutions, service + simplicity

We partnered with Manly Flooring to recommend the best solutions to revitalise the existing showroom floor. We provided ongoing advice to support a swift and seamless process.

  • The team removed the floor’s existing polyester resin and epoxy coating – grinding it back to a fresh concrete surface.
  • They sealed and strengthened the floor with one coat of Megapoxy LVS – a penetrating sealer that protects against oils, fats, dilute acids, ammonium nitrate and other corrosive materials that can damage concrete.
  • Once cured, we applied three coats of Megapoxy MC – a maintenance coating known for its heavy-duty durability and resistance to chemicals, impacts and scrapes – in high-gloss, timeless and elegant grey.
  • The first two coats were each mixed with a careful ratio of Megapoxy thinners for easy working – with the third coat being 100% solids (containing no VOCs or water) for a thicker, dry film and incredible strength.

Standout benefits

  • Floor was trafficable in just 24 hours after application.
  • Premetred kits (in correct proportions for immediate use) provided extra efficiency, ease and confidence.
  • Simple upkeep and incredible durability in demanding environment.


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