Finn Rice – Artist

Project name Finn Rice – Artist
Client Finn Rice – Artist
Location South Australia


The art of protection: cutting-edge creativity with distinctive durability

Client needs + challenges

  • Protect artworks without usual glass or acrylic sheeting.
  • Create ‘almost indestructible art’ that can be hung anywhere.
  • Ensure water-resistant and UV-stable finishes.
  • Enhance art with high-gloss finish and exceptional clarity.
  • Ensure no damage to precious pieces.
  • Simple mix and application.

Solutions, service + simplicity

We recommended the best solution for Finn’s incredible artworks. With a little initial advice, he manages application easily.

  • Finn places the artwork on a level surface and seals the edges of the frame and picture with tape.
  • He mixes and pours Megapoxy HX into the frame and lets it level out over the artwork.
  • A solvent-free, high-flow liquid resin, HX spreads easily – with excellent sealing and strengthening properties.
  • Any bubbles are easily removed with a light run of a flame or heat gun.

Standout benefits

  • Ability to create an impressive illusion of depth on many pieces.
  • No-fade finishes that are wet-area friendly.
  • Solvent-free for added safety.
  • Easy-to-mix ratio and straightforward use.

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