Qantas Hanger – Adelaide Airport

Project name Qantas Hanger – Adelaide Airport
Contractor Griffiths
Project Owner Qantas
Location Adelaide, South Australia


Breath of fresh air: high-gloss, ultra-durable floor coating for aircraft hanger

Client needs + challenges

  • Dust-free, high-strength coating.
  • Durability to withstand heavy traffic and aircraft movement.
  • Simple application by roller.
  • Highly effective protection against damaging materials, including aviation fluid.
  • Long-life, low-maintenance finish.
  • Timeless, clean, professional look.

Solutions, service + simplicity

The project contractor chose Megapoxy solutions and we were delighted to provide support and technical advice throughout the project.

  • The team removed all existing resin floor coatings and prepared the floor.
  • They then applied one coat of Megapoxy LVS, a highly protective penetration sealer that extends longevity of surfaces.
  • The following day, one coat of Megapoxy H Grey was applied, mixed with 10% Megapoxy thinners. After curing overnight, a second coat of Megapoxy H was applied without thinners.

Standout benefits

  • High-quality, durable floor to reduce future maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Simple step-by-step mix and application.
  • Stylish, smooth finish with strength to match.


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