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Low Viscosity Hydrophilic Epoxy Resin

Ideal for civil engineering and stone applications

Megapoxy H is used extensively to repair concrete, as a wet-to-dry concrete adhesive, and to create epoxy mortar systems.


Features & Benefits

  • High-strength bonding, anchoring & sealing.
  • VOC free.
  • Safe for potable water applications.
  • Mix with aggregate to create mortar systems.
  • Two-part solution.

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Ideal Uses

Concrete Protection

Fibreglass & Carbon Fibre Laminating

Grouting of Bolts

New to Old Concrete Bonding

Binder for Epoxy Mortar

How to use

How to Use

Megapoxy H is a low-viscosity, hydrophilic epoxy resin for many types of bonding, filling and coating applications.

Available in clear or N35 grey, and is conveniently packaged in 4 litre and 20 litre kits with a simple 3:1 mix ratio.

It has a 30 minute work time with a 24-hour cure time at 25ºC.

Surface Preparation

Before you begin mixing, you need to ensure that all contact surfaces like metal, concrete and stone are clean and clear of oil, dust and any other surface contaminants.

Concrete and stone surfaces should be prepared by grinding the surface and removing all the dust and debris. This helps ensure effective bonding contact.

Compressed air can be used to remove dust from cracks and holes. Clean metal surfaces with acetone to remove any oils or contaminants.

Safety and PPE

Megapoxy H is VOC-free. As with all epoxy resins, please wear appropriate PPE, including eyewear gloves and clothing.


IMPORTANT. Only make a suitable quantity that can be used within the 30 minute work time!

Additional batches can be mixed after the previous is mixed and applied, even as it cures.

The recommended mixing time for Megapoxy H is 3 minutes. Mix first for 2 minutes, before scraping the sides and then mix for another one minute until the product is completely uniform in colour.

Megapoxy H is easily mixed by hand. For larger projects and larger volumes of product, you can mix mechanically.

Using measuring tubs, pour the required amount of Part A. Allow enough volume in the mixing tub for the full amount of epoxy. Pour in the correct amount of Part B.

We recommend mixing Megapoxy H for 3 minutes using a timer. Set a timer for 2 minutes. Begin slowly mixing by placing a flat spatula into the mix (to the base of the tub) and slowly stir. The two parts are still visibly streaky until combined. As the epoxy is mixed it will change from clear to milky, then back to clear.

Ensure you scape around the base and sides to gather all the un-mixed epoxy and continue to mix.

After 2 minutes scrape any un-mixed product off the sides of the container and the spatula before mixing again for a further one minute (set timer). After the one minute is complete the Megapoxy H should appear even, streak-free and ready for use.

Do not be concerned if some bubbles are visible, as they will dissipate as the epoxy warms and cures. A vacuum chamber can be used to remove any bubbles for craft applications.

Mixing Epoxy Mortars

Once the Megapoxy H has been fully mixed, it can also have fine aggregates added to create epoxy mortars.

A recommended ratio to use is 3:1:12
3 Parts A
1 Part B
12 Parts Dry sands / Aggregates

Be sure to use the same container for each part. It doesn’t matter whether you use a 1 litre container or a 5 litre container, depending on the size of your project.

Continue mixing sands / aggregates for another minute before application.


Megapoxy H is recommended for filling and repairs for new-to-old concrete bonding; concrete crack repair; steel anchoring; and underwater or splash zone structures.

It is ideal for non-slip floors and as an epoxy mortar for bridge and rail load-bearing pads, as well as industrial machinery grouting.

Megapoxy H is a water and food-safe contact material for commercial surfaces (Complies with AS/NZ 4020:2018 testing of products for use in contact with drinking water).


Uncured Megapoxy H can be cleaned with Megapoxy Thinners.

Please Dispose of contents and container in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations.


Although applying Megapoxy H is easy and fast, it will cure stronger than concrete with good chemical resistance and can be machined, sanded and polished to a fine finish.

For further technical information, refer to TDS.

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