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Megapoxy, Australia's top selling epoxy resin products Find out more


Currently there are some three hundred (300) Megapoxy products available for quality construction adhesives for manufacturing, surface coatings, industrial compounds for civil engineering, mining, electrical and general manufacturing industries.

Regarded as Australia’s top selling quality epoxy resin construction adhesive, Megapoxy is used extensively across a wide range of  industries. Megapoxy is a superior building product used in Australia and in many global markets and has been providing effective adhesive solutions for over thirty years.

Megapoxy MC High Build Epoxy Coating instructional video

Expert shows how to mix and prepare Megapoxy H High Strength Epoxy Mortar instructional video

Mixing a standard 2kg kit of Megadure Ceramic high abrasive epoxy paste

Megapoxy used for granite & marble facade installation

A brief demo on how Megapoxy PM is mixed together...