Sandstone Cladding – Collaroy

Project name Sandstone Cladding – Collaroy
Client House Designer
Cladding Supplier Gosford Quarries
Location New South Wales


Prestige meets perfection: sandstone façade for Northern Beaches home

Client needs + challenges

  • Waterproof and strengthen the exterior compressed fibre cement (CFC) sheeting – to allow for weight of tiles.
  • Strong adhesive to hold the individual weight of each tile.
  • Ability to bond flat tiles to curved surfaces.
  • Solution to work with the mechanical fixing used for overhead tiling.

Solutions, service + simplicity

We helped the designer pinpoint the best solutions for different challenges – and provided project advice to ensure a high-end, premium-quality result.

  • The team prepared all concrete surfaces by grinding, removing dust and damaged concrete.
  • External CFC sheeting was coated with three coats of Megapoxy H, embedded with a fine aggregate, to waterproof and strengthen the surface. This low-viscosity hydrophilic epoxy resin is used extensively to repair concrete, as a wet-to-dry concrete adhesive, and to create epoxy mortar systems.
  • Using the simple spot-fixing method, the team bonded the sandstone tiles to the surface using Megapoxy PM White. With easy-blend and non-sag properties, it provides robust adhesion while being efficient and versatile on the job.

Standout benefits

  • A stunning result – both structurally and aesthetically.
  • Strength and versatility to meet specific project needs.
  • Met designer’s vision, project practicalities and construction schedules.


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